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June 2019
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Sl. No.Tender No.Tender TitleTypeCategoryUnitPublished DateLast Date & Time of Submission(IST)Download
1OMC-5027 Operational assistance of New Cooling Towers, New

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OpenOthersSmelter Division27-May-201901-Jul-2019
2OMC-5040 (New) Extension of Dross Storage Shed near LPG Godown in

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LimitedOthersSmelter Division17-Jun-201905-Jul-2019
3OMC-5036 Replacement of various Bends and Fabrication of Be

LimitedOthersSmelter Division08-Jun-201906-Jul-2019
4OMC-5024 Installation of Riser Damper in ABF-I

LimitedOthersSmelter Division21-May-201918-Jun-2019
5OMC-5031 Construction of New Vehicle Shed in Potline-I insi

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LimitedOthersSmelter Division03-Jun-201918-Jun-2019
6OMC-5034 Construction of SPL Shed - 08 for Potline inside S

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LimitedOthersSmelter Division03-Jun-201918-Jun-2019
7OMC-5038 (New) Roof Water Proofing Treatments of Buildings inside

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OpenOthersSmelter Division17-Jun-201919-Jul-2019
8OMC-5033 Service Contract of Cummins make Diesel Generator

ProprietaryOthersSmelter Division07-Jun-201922-Jun-2019
9OMC-5028 Specialized Repair and Painting Works of Quarters

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OpenOthersSmelter Division03-Jun-201924-Jun-2019
10OMC-5035. Removal/Destruction of Honey Bee Hives by Chemical

LimitedOthersSmelter Division11-Jun-201926-Jun-2019