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January 2018
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1OMC-4784 (New) Construction of Boundary Wall and Concrete Work at

LimitedOthersSmelter Division15-Jan-201801-Feb-2018
2OMC-4756 Service Maintenance Contract of Imported Cran

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OpenOthersSmelter Division27-Nov-201702-Feb-2018 (Extended)
3OMC-4778 Packaging of Rolled Products.

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OpenOthersSmelter Division13-Jan-201813-Feb-2018
4OMC-4780 Construction of PTM Maintenance Bay in Potline-IV

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OpenOthersSmelter Division13-Jan-201813-Feb-2018
5OMC-4716 Overhauling of 3Ton Capacity Diesel Forklifts

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StandardizedOthersSmelter Division04-Oct-201723-Jan-2018 (Extended)
6OMC-4774 Development of Drawing and Services for Capital Re

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LimitedOthersSmelter Division09-Jan-201824-Jan-2018
7OMC-4753 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Passeng

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ProprietaryOthersSmelter Division18-Nov-201727-Jan-2018 (Extended)
8OMC-4769 Operational Assistance in Billet Casting Faci

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OpenOthersSmelter Division23-Dec-201727-Jan-2018
9OMC-4779 Drip Cooling System in Potline area inside Smelter

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LimitedOthersSmelter Division11-Jan-201827-Jan-2018
10OMC-4771 Miscellaneous Civil Works for Repair and Maintenan

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OpenOthersSmelter Division02-Jan-201831-Jan-2018